How can I help you to change your attitude at the table?

Groceries: you feel you want to change your shopping trolley content without incurring frustration or discomfort. You want to avoid ‘ready meals’ shelves and counters but you feel like you have no creativity/time. You need to shop all your groceries in one trip and prepare a cooking schedule for the week (yes, I said schedule ;). You wish your children have a different snack but you have no idea what else to offer them… when you ask yourself one of these questions I can help you trying and building an answer according to your needs! Pantry: how to organise your food storage. Which ingredients are the ‘must have’ (in the kitchen). How gradually change your pantry’s content with no shock and according to your family taste. Food: let’s cook together…with pen and paper. How you can help yourself. You must want to make a change, my efforts would never be enough without your will. Contact