Almond Curd

Does Almond Curd make any sense to you?

Is a ‘kind of’ cheese made by curdling almond milk with vinegar. The taste is similar to a fresh cheese, and it’s not bad at all. Just to make it totally yummy I suggest to season with ground spices or citrus.

What you need:

– white clean cotton/linen fabric (30×40 cm circa)*
– sieve 20 cm + bowl same diameter*
– plastic cheese sieve (or just a sieve with cotton lint)
– termometer
– cotton lint 30×40 cm
– vinegar (apple in my recipe) 40 ml
– salt
– row almonds 300 g

*with a 30×40 cm piece of fabric and a 20 cm diameter sieve you can seep the milk all together.

Make the milk, but use 300 g of almonds and 1 l of water.

Bring the milk to 80° C and season with a pinch of salt, stir.
At 85° C add the vinegar, stir and let rest with a lid for about 15 mins.
Pour gently into the bowl through the sieve well covererd of cotton lint. Let it cool down. Compact the crudle and let drain in the fridge for a couple more hours before eat.

If you want it more strong in flavor make a small ammount of marinade or spice pesto to season, just put on top and cook in the oven for 30 mins at 130 degrees.

My vaf are:

– in winter a pesto of salt and corn pepper, some bays, moist with red wine.
– in spring (see pic) 3 spoons of orange juice with grounded coriander and cumin seeds
– in summer…has yet to come.

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