Since I started changing my diet I’ve been looking for a shortcrust recipe with no fat, sugar or egg in it. I didn’t find the perfect one, not yet at least, but this is a good and easy compromise while waiting for The ONE.

For 20 cm diameter crust you need

150 g wholegrain flour
60 g Soy yogurt (no sugar added)
40 g Extra Virgin olive oil

Heat the oven, 180° C.
Mix together oil and yogurt until well combined. Sieve the flour with a pinch of salt and add the liquids. Mix with your fingers but don’t knead the dough, you have just to work the ingredients to combine them.
Roll out the dough and cook for about 15 mins. After that time you can fill it with your favorite filling and cook for 15 more mins at a lower temperature (160°C).

I went for a layer of dates paste and my choco spread.

Dates paste
Easy snack
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