Balanced, easy and yummy.

A tasty pasta, rich in flavors and Omega, calcium and vitamins.

For one person

Mackerel filet (one whole, no fishbone, keep the skin); Half orange (juice); Half apple (thin slices); Basil (some leaves); Sesame seeds (one soupespoon); Extra vergin olive oil; Garlic. Wholegrain pasta 80 g

Cut the mackerel in small pieces; cook the pasta; squeeze the orange; cut garlic in thin slices.

When the pasta is almost cooked heat a non-stick pan and toss the sesame seeds. Add a tablespoon of extravergin olive oil and toss the mackerel with garlic at high heat. When the pasta is al dente, pour the orange juice in the pan and drain the pasta, toss al together with the basil leaves sliced. Serve.

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